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Raindancer Trailer
Raindancer Trailer
Streamer: 수탉
Streamer: 수탉
Streamer: Blended Threats Gaming
Streamer: Blended Threats Gaming
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Streamer: Alpha Beta Gamer
Bramble Fights Sandir
Bramble Fights Sandir
May you never know the pain of the world, my little one. May you always be two steps ahead of this world.
For I love you my little one and you may follow my footprints in the sand.
Bramble Fights Sandir
Awoken from death by the Rain itself, Bramble is tasked with bringing an end to the leaders of three rival tribes,
who for too long have abused the blessings of nature for their own selfish gains.

Raindancer is a boss-rush action adventure with local co-op play.
Engage in five unique battles, each with a distinct alternative encounter.
Available on Steam and itch.io for PC and Mac.

The Team

Strange Creatures Studio is a team of five developers located across the United States and internationally. We have a passion for quality and developing games in our unique style. Our focus is on creating beautiful, hand painted artwork, emotional music with impact, and difficult but fair combat that is easy to learn. Also, plants are our thing.

Paul Melio

Project Lead / Designer

Paul Melio is a designer and producer from Pasadena, California where he previously worked with Robert Zemeckis’ production company ImageMovers. He currently resides in Savannah Georgia, where he is completing his graduate degree in game design at Savannah College of Art and Design.

James Markiewicz

Programmer / Animator

James Markiewicz is an Electrical Engineering graduate of The Citadel with a passion for game development. With two releases under his belt, James strives to bring fast-paced, responsive combat to Raindancer.

Vincent Van Hoof


Vincent Van Hoof is a freelance artist with over 8 years of experience in the gaming industry, based in the Seattle area. Vincent has worked on over 50 commercial projects and is passionately illustrating the in-game art assets for Raindancer.

Julian Crowhurst

Composer / Sound Designer

Julian Crowhurst is a composer, pianist, and sound designer who has worked on a variety of games, short films, animations, and a feature length film. He holds a master‘s degree from NYU in Scoring for Film and Multimedia, and a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from Shenandoah Conservatory.

Miguel Félix


Miguel Félix is a freelance animator from Portugal who specializes in Spine2D. Félix began his animating career at the age of 13 and went on to graduate from Escola Digital in 2014 at the top of his class. He has been working consistently as a freelancer and full-time animator since graduating, and is dedicated to bringing life and personality to the characters that inhabit Raindancer.


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